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Cairns Termite Control Tips for Property Owners – Moisture

Greg from TKO Pest Management Cairns, explains how areas of ground moisture and structural dampness are a serious hazard where termites are concerned.

Beware of areas around your home where there is dampness in the ground level, especially where the ground level has been built up above the floor level (called ‘Bridging’ – read more here).

Termites, that are attracted to the moisture, enter directly through the ground level and into any structure (including bricks and block work) before moving onto timber structures (e.g. timber weatherboards).

Homeowners, particularly in wet Cairns and FNQ region, should try to ensure that water can effectively drain away from their premises, as these moist areas will attract termite colonies that may move through their local area.

It is also important to ensure that built up areas of ground around the building are are cleared and reduced in height to below the internal floor level to avoid bridging the termite inspection zone that should exist around all homes.

View our “CAIRNS TERMITE TIPS” video at for more great tips from Greg.

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