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In the world of Termite Treatments, there are two primary forms of treatments utilised by Pest Control companies; chemical spray treatments, and baiting systems. There are several reasons that property owners should make an informed decision on which method is most suitable for their circumstances, particularly in the Cairns region.

The first method of Chemical Sprays is something that most people identify with when thinking about Termite Treatments. We have all noticed the drill holes (usually every 150-200mm) in the concrete foundations of buildings that we have owned, inspected or visited. Like all termite treatments, Chemical Management Systems utilise toxic chemical compounds as a repellent or non-repellent method to remove termites from buildings that they have, or are at risk of termite attack.

It is important for property owners to make two determinations in relation to Chemical Spray treatments for dealings with termites;

  • Is it necessary for invasive and visible drilling or concrete removal to occur iaround my building to address my termite concerns?
  • Can I have an effective Termite Management System installed without the application of hundreds of litres of toxic chemicals to my home?

The second method for dealing with Termites is the use of “Interception and Baiting” systems that surround the property, leaving structures of the property unaltered and/or damaged. TKO Pest Management are certified experts in the “Exterra” Interception and Baiting System ( see details of the Exterra System here –

Exterra Interception and Baiting Systems are a modern answer to an age old problem using an active ingredients less toxic than table salt.

Cairns Property owners should consider the following factors when arranging Termite Treatments for their Cairns properties;

  • Exterra Systems involve no/limited drilling and no other invasive modifications to the existing building structure.
  • Exterra Systems are regularly serviced and maintained as part of their installation plan
  • Exterra’s “Requiem Termite Bait” doesn’t simply kill termites that consume it. It’s patented formula means that termites carry the bait back to their nest, which eliminates the entire colony at their source.

For more information on Termite Treatments in the Cairns area, or for any questions on Pest Control in Cairns, call us on (07) 4053 2277