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Ants, Spiders, Cockroaches, Rats and all other Rodents


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We design and implement a treatment program to achieve the best result possible


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We identify the spiders at your premises to implement an effective eradication and control program


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We use Rodent baits that are placed in a safe secure area where rodents are active

General Pest Control

TKO Pest Management provide safe effective pest management services to residential and commercial customers in the Cairns region. General pests refer to most common pests other than Termites. Termite management requires specialized advice and treatment – refer to our termite section.

The most common type of general pests include:

Cockroaches Ants Spiders
Rodents Fleas Ticks
Bedbugs Silverfish Lice

Residential Customers

Your safety is our priority we only use products tested and approved for use in the home. Prior to any treatment being carried out we will provide you with specific advice in regard to preparation and access details.

For residential customers a general pest treatment for ants, cockroaches and spiders will involve a complete external spray to the building footprint, harbourages, soffits and entry points. Internally skirting boards will be treated along with gel bait treatments to cupboards and harbourages. An important area not always included by some companies is the roof space .Many pests nest or harbour in this concealed area of your home, a dust like product is placed in the roof space for effective, safe management of this area.

Rodents and other specific pests can also be included and tailored to meet your requirements to keep your home pest free. When booking a general pest treatment consideration should be given to having a Termite inspection whilst we are already at your premises we can offer the Termite inspection at a discounted rate.

Commercial Customers

TKO Pest Management are experienced commercial and resort pest management operators. We can offer a range of services to businesses from Restaurants to Multi storey resort complexes on a regular basis to ensure the safety and comfort of your customers, guests and staff.


Tom from TKO Pest Management, up inside the roof cavity of a Cairns home completing a Building and Pest Inspection

Our local experience ensures that we are Cairns Buildings & Pest Inspection specialists. We offer a full range of services for all residential property owners and investors to protect your assests.


Greg from TKO Pest Management inspecting the Cairns Convention Centre

We offer a range of services to businesses, from Restaurants to multi-storey resort complexes, on a regular basis to ensure the safety and comfort of your customers, guests and staff.


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