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FOCUS Termite Attractant

A natural, non-toxic, food based additive


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Our $100,000 Termite Damage Warranty delivers peace of mind in the long-term.

FOCUS Termite Attractant – Exterra Station

Focus is a natural, non-toxic, food based additive that is added to Exterra In-ground Stations. Once in contact with the soil it works with soil micro-organisms to slowly release a small, precisely determined amount of attractant carbon dioxide (CO2) into the soil.

Termites Love CO2. It might not be a gourmet flavour to us, but CO2 certainly attracts termites, University research has proven it. Termites are attracted to levels of CO2 that mimic those naturally given off by both rotting wood and termite nests, so the CO2 in the soil directs termites to potential feeding sites. The Focus in your Exterra Station is doing its job, directing the termites to an Exterra Station. So with Focus producing an engineered concentration of CO2 that attracts termites directly to the large Exterra Stations, you know your home is optimally protected.

CSIRO studies show that quite simply and obviously, the larger the monitoring station, the quicker any termites in your garden will find it, instead of your house! So with Focus Termite Attractant producing a naturally engineered concentration of CO2 that attracts termites directly to the large Exterra Station, you know your home is being optimally protected.

Exterra Stations are nearly four times larger than most other Stations, so once the termites start to follow the CO2 trail they quickly find the Exterra Stations. Focus produces a two metre radius “termite interception zone”around the large Exterra Stations, which means that when a termite comes within two metres of your Exterra Station it will be attracted by just the right amount of CO2 and eagerly and happily follow the gourmet trail into the Exterra Station. That means its last supper time and the colony is eliminated, keeping your home safe.

THE ONLY baiting system that creates a complete Termite Interception Zone around your home!

So whilst termites can simply pass between the stations used by other systems, this does not occur with Exterra. Which is perhaps why only Exterra offers a full termite damage protection warranty.

Will the Exterra Stations attract Termites to my home? Rest easy, the answer is no. The large Exterra Stations are there to protect your home and will only intercept those termites that have entered into and are actually foraging in your garden. If the Stations weren’t there then termites would eventually seek out and attack your home. So there is no doubt only the elite Exterra Termite Interception System, with Focus, forms the most effective system to protect your home.

Science in Action

The following two scientic studies have been published in peer reviewed scientific journals and prove the efficacy of the Focus Termite Attractant.

Sociobiology: Volume 48, Number 3, 2006, p. 771-779 – “Field Attraction of Termites to a Carbon Dioxide-Generating Bait in Australia (Isoptera)” – S Broadbent, M Farr, EJ Bernklau, MS Siderhurst, DM James, & LB Bjostad.

Journal of Economic Entomology – April 2005 – Vol. 98, No. 2, pp. 476–484 -“Attraction of Subterranean Termites (Isoptera) to Carbon Dioxide” – EJ Bernklau, EA Fromm, TM Judd, & LB Bjostad