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Termite Tips for Property Owners – Invisible Damage

Greg from TKO Pest Management Cairns, explains why it is worth having a further inspection of any properties in Cairns that you may be looking to buy, as extensive termite damage can often be invisible to the naked eye.

Most of the time, termite damage is invisible until you start doing some tests. We use basic tools to run over timber surfaces. This helps us to listen for differences in the sounds produced by each area of timber.

Inside hollow areas of timber, we often find a lot of termite mudding and termite packing. This will no doubt also come with extensive damage to the hidden timber structures therein.

We know immediately that the damage is caused by termites due to the “termite workings” and “muddings” that the termites bring up from the ground to construct their galleries, which allow them to continue doing damage to the property.

View our “CAIRNS TERMITE TIPS” video at for more great tips from Greg.

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